Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Week 5 Exercise 10

Oh... I had a lot of fun with this assignment!
(and I've only gotten to the Generator Blog so far... will definately check out more as I have time!)

As you can see... even Einstein knows a universal truth about Bean - Thanks to the Einstein Chalkboard Generator.

The cartoon bubble is courtesy of the Photo Cartoon Generator... the actual photo was taken by Bean's daddy in an Oh-So-Zen moment.

According to the Professor Poopypants (of Captain Underpants fame) Name Change Generator... Bean's alternate name is Doofus Gigglebrains.


According to the Pokemon Name Generator... (and assuming a favorite color of Purple)

Bean's Pokéname is: Lotung
Profile: You live in the blazing deserts of Hawaii, and your diet consists mostly of bats, small rodents and coffee.
Characteristics (Combat and Non-combat) : You can eat maple syrup. You can throw lava. You have a discoball. You can throw tahini. You can throw sledgehammers. You can resist Dr. Pepper. You can walk on air. You have a winning smile.
Natural Enemies: Your natural enemy is Drowmander.

If we made a movie... the clapper board might look like...

Thanks to The Movie Clapper Board Generator!

Or a record (old-style) might look like...
Thanks to the Vinyl Record Generator!


How about a little motivational poster to hang above the crib? Thanks to the Motivation Generator!


Thanks to the Warning Sign Generator.

Lastly... from the Visual Poetry Generator...

Week 4 Exercise 9

More search tools to find feeds to add to my bloglines to be viewed on my blog along with photos from flickr... these exercises keep building on one another like some mad technology cumulative story.

I dutifully looked at the 4 search tools...

Feedster was not too interesting to me... the catagories were too broad and random. The feed of the day (Chirky) was fun to look at but ultimately not really useful for my work or personal life... a few minutes of my life gone forever.

I like the best... Local news headlines caught my eye as I had earlier seen the email about SA branch closing due to the 4 alarm fire next door... and then there were three headlines about it! Also thought the recent comments section was interesting... to see how many people were talking about certain topics... but then you start looking at the comments and realize you didn't really have to read it to guess what people are saying. - too overwhelming, too much text

Technorati was kind of fun... the popular categories were a little more interesting to me and I liked having more visuals.

Overall... interesting, but don't know how much I'll really use any of it. Truthfully I'm not sure I've really grasped the "wow" of RSS, blogs and such. Maybe I'm just an old-fashioned girl.

Week 4 Exercise 8 - pt 2

So once again I had not read through the exercise instructions properly and in addition to "my thoughts" which I have not yet documented, I tried following the detailed directions to sharing - which gives me the following...

I'm not sure how different that is to doing it as done in part 1, but apparantly this is the required way.

Anyway on to "my thoughts"... I guess I can see how this would be useful to some - I have to admit I am not someone who regularly checks at least 10 websites a day for my news & entertainment... so this was mostly just an exercise for me. At least I know what RSS stands for now!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Week 4 Exercise 8 - Pt 1

RSS... Well I'm not sure if I did it right but here is the bloglines I set up...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Week 3 Exercise 7

Zuma Screenshot
Originally uploaded by jsahlen.
Anything technology... I love all sorts of technology... my cell phone, Tivo (which I do not have, but enjoy at my sister's home - someday when I have more than 13 TV channels I will have Tivo too), Playstation - Nintendo - and one addictive computer game called Zuma... Yes I love all sorts of technology - but I often feel guilty that I spend too much time with the fun stuff and not enough time on the stuff that's supposed to make me more productive. Of course this feeling is then offset by the time-sucking tool called work e-mail.

Week 3 Exercise 6

Looks like there are a lot of fun things to do with your photos... I just poked around with two for this exercise. I looked at making a magazine cover... but it had too many lines of info to fill out and I am still trying to catch up! So I went with the Warholizer... very cool. Unfortunately it did not totally live up to my high expectations... I thought I would get a set of nine "Warholized" pics a la the example shown. However every set I tried resulted in at least two if not more of the frames being completely colored in. I am sure anyone looking over my shoulder probably thought I was goofing off at work... playing with pictures of my baby niece... but I was not... yeah Lib 2.0! Anyway, as I am so very inventive I finally gave up and just picked one. Tah dah...

Monday, January 29, 2007

Week 3 Exercise 5

So... I plucked this photo titled " Whitman Mother Goose cover" off of Flickr for this assignment... I thought I'd just do a quick search for "Mother Goose" and have a slew of cute images to represent all the MG rhymes I am planning to read to Bean... Who knew how scary and witchy most Mother Goose pictures are! I also thought for a minute about trying to do the digital camera thing... but it turns out our branch is missing its software for the digital camera... and I am kind of behind on my assignments anyway.... This will have to do!